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Cão da Serra da Estrela de pêlo comprido

Foto: Miguel Silva

Long-haired Estrela Moumtain Dog

Photo: Adephagia Estrelas

Sweet, calm, patient, affectionate, the Estrela is potencially an exceptional family dog, but he needs to be educated.

The Estrela's attraction towards children is as natural as it is for the cattle that, by inheritance and tradition, they were destined to protect. He's affectionate and infinitely patient to them, tolerating their pranks and loving to play with them. However, this loving and patient dog, who when adult is careful and gentle with children, elderly or disabled people, potentially becoming an excellent therapy dog, while a puppy is vivacious, energetic and therefore should not be left unattended with small children. On the other hand, due to his tendency for being dominant, he needs to be educated early on in order to learn to respect his human family and not try to impose his will on them - which could lead to serious problems. People who are too indulgent and permissive should not acquire an Estrela because they would hardly be able to control them. On the other hand, owners who provide them with a balanced education will find their Estrela to be a wonderful companion, sweet and totally reliable. 

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