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Ancestral livestock guardian. 

Loyal and tender companion.

Rustic and healthy.


Get acquainted with this extraordinary Portuguese canine breed.

The loyal friend

The Estrela is a potentially excellent family dog.

But he needs a balanced education.

Long-haired Estrela Mountain Dogs. Photo: Miguel Silva

The origin of the Estrela is related to the need of protecting the flocks from wolves.

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Iberian Wold. Photo:

Short-haired Estrela Mountain Dog. Photo: Ponta da Pinta

Frequently asked questions

Long-haired Estrela Mountain Dog.

Photo: Ponta da Pinta

Are you planning to acquire an Estrela?

Long-haired Estrela Mountain Dog

Photo: Canil do Cabeço do Seixo

Photo exhibition "Montemuro, the last transhumance route",

by Filomeno Silva


Books about

the breed


Hip dysplasia screening test

Photo courtesy of Dr. Mário Ginja/ UTAD

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SOS  Estrela Mountain Dog

Long-haired Estrela Mountain Dog.  Photo: Alexandre Vidigal



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