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Long-haired Estrela Mountain Dog. Photo: Pedro Louro

Docile, calm, patient, affectionate, the Estrela is potencially an exceptional family dog.

But they need to be educated.

The most important character trait in the Estrela is their protection instinct, which they develop towards the members of their human family or the animals they're affectionately bond to. It's very important that, from an early age, they're educated and socialised, so to respect their owner's leadership and decisions and not become unnecessarily aggressive.


They tend to be calm, little excitable, although more energetic and restess as youngsters, frequently barking at strange people, animals and sounds. Their heritage of a livestock guardian, used to large spaces and to some autonomy at their task, makes them independent, somewhat stubborn, although smart and easy-learning. They're also sweet, affectionate, playful, while patient and careful with children, elderly, fragile or disabled people.


They're the perfect choice for those who want a totally reliable guardian and a calm, dedicated, loving companion.


Short-coat Estrela Mountain Dog

Photo: Manuela Paraíso

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