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Recent litters from breeders with good breeding practices, such as health screening against hereditary diseases and a scrupulous selection of breeding stock.

After the parents' names, you'll find health screenings' results: hip dysplasia (HD), rated between A and E (A= normal; B= almost normal; C= mild dysplasia; D= moderate dysplasia; E= severe dysplasia); elbow dysplasia (ED), rated between 0 and 3 (0=normal; 1=mild dysplasia; 2=moderate dysplasia; 3=severe dysplasia);  dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), with normal result rated as "Neg".

If you're a breeder with these good practices and would like to appear in this page with your contacts or advertise your litters, send us your data as well as official or independent reports of your breeding dogs' health-testing, to If you wish to have included a link to your site, add to it a link to this one and let us know on which page it can be found.



Canil d'Aurora Barks

DOB:  12 Nov 2023

Variety: long hair

Sire: Huambo da Acinomagricultura. HD B, ED 0 

Dam: Índia da Acinomagricultura

Breeder: Susana Walgode


Ph. (351) 925987181


Ponta da Pinta

DOB.: 30 Nov 2023

Variety: long hair + short hair

Sire: Tango Sous La Lune da Ponta da Pinta. HD A, ED 0, DCM neg

Dam: Chuva da Ponta da Pinta. HD B, ED 0.

Breeder: Manuela Paraíso


Ph. (351) 926967216

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