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Short-haired Estrela Mountain Dog

Photo: Ponta da Pinta

X-ray of an adult dog's elbow with dysplasia.

Orthopedic genetic disease, with considerable heritability.

This condition consists of a number of issues related to the elbow joint that tend to result in osteoarthritis and cause pain and limping, although many dogs are asymptomatic.  It is another hereditary malformation with some incidence in the Estrela Mountain Dog.  Preventive care should be the same as for hip dysplasia.

In Portugal, the Associação Portuguesa dos Médicos Veterinários Especialistas em Animais de Companhia established a program to control the disorder that prescribes screening exams after twelve months of age.


(excerpt from the book "Cuidar do Cão da Serra da Estrela / Rearing the Estrela Mountain Dog", by Manuela Paraíso)

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